They also know that we’ll be there on time, with the parts and tools needed to quickly diagnose the problem. They know we’ll provide a written estimate before beginning the plumbing repairs and that we’ll treat their home or workplace with the utmost care and respect. I n short, they know that they’ll receive prompt, honest plumbing services from our fully insured, licensed plumbers who are committed to providing unequalled customer service. Commercial Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Services, or the Products offered by our professional plumbers. There's a reason they call Bellmore Plumbing Construction


Air conditioning

As the weather turns from summer to fall, now is the time to think about next summer and installing an air conditioning system. Often as winter approaches, terrific deals can be had, and the cost of installing central air is reduced. The cost to put in central air is often less during the off season.
Since putting in central air or replacing central air is not an expense the homeowner will have every year, it is wise to view the price of putting in central air as a long term investment. The cost to install central air is not something that should be skimped on. Replacement of a central air conditioning unit that is inefficient with a unit that is more efficient.

• Will work diligently to diagnose your problem,
• Will give you an up-front price to service, repair or replace your unit before any work begins.

It is our goal at Bellmore Plumbing Construction, to provide our customers with outstanding service at “a price that’s fair."